Content Writing Catalyst Freelancing Course by Khalil Ullah Khan

Go From Being a Struggling Writer to a Fully Booked Freelancer

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Sure, you could send multiple DMs on Facebook looking for writing jobs, losing your sleep over unanswered gigs/proposals, cross your fingers and wait to be chosen or YOU COULD…

Stop competing and fighting over projects which cannot even pay for your Netflix Subscriptions (with clients who you want to punch but only after they’ve paid you.)

Why compete with thousands of writers out there when you can sit back, swing on your revolving chair (or not), eat in your PJs and let the clients crawl to you, banging on your virtual door?

Good News: You don’t have to wait a decade to go from a Struggling Writer to a Fully Booked Freelancer.

Go From Being a Struggling Writer to Fully Booked Freelancer

“NOW WHAT? I have landed a few jobs and have a couple of good samples…but I have no idea what to do next?”

Wondering where all the cool, high paying, value-you-more-than-anything kind of clients hang out?

WHERE ARE THEY? Do Upwork, Fiverr and other Freelancing platforms even work?

Imagine if you could have a VIP ticket to that private lounge where all of ‘those’ clients hang out and offer work that pays well?

Struggling with pricing your services better and charging more because you feel anxious while claiming your worth and you question your skills more than others do?

Imagine if you could make a killer profile, strategically price your work and feel confident asking for money that your work is worth without questioning yourself?

Introducing the Content Writing Catalyst Course

The Motto is: Work Hard but also Smart!

And the smartest way to fast-forward your progress as a freelancer is to invest in yourself.



CWC is a proven freelancing system designed to provide you with the blueprint, structure, coaching, challenges and community you need to take your work to the next level so you can grow from a struggling writer to a fully booked freelancer.



(Worth 4500/- but you get it for FREE with CWC)

In addition to the above-mentioned magic-pills, you will get access to my Upwork Blueprint Course for FREE that will help you create a compelling profile, write enticing proposals and earn your first $1000 on the platform. It includes a step-by-step process of how I set up my Upwork account and received the TOP-RATED status on the website. It could be YOU, too.


CWC Stories of people like YOU!

Meet Saad, a CWC student who started freelancing AFTER taking the course and made $1000 in the first 3 months!

Here’s Qandeel, a student who used the bonus Upwork Blueprint course to start making BIG money on Upwork!

Meet Ayesha Maskati!

And Hassan Rayyan, one of the students who started with CWC and is making Lacs from freelancing.

I used to ask around for freelancing I am dealing with 5 projects at a time (handling it all by outsourcing)! All thanks to the mindset shift that I made through Khalil's videos and CWC course. It has changed the way I work.
Raheela Asad
Content Writer

DISCLAIMER: CWC is more focused on helping you get more and better clients instead of teaching Content Writing. It is about building your authority and start making money as a freelancer.


I’m Khalil, a freelance writer and affiliate marketer who’s on a mission to help 100,000 people make a living online. 

I started teaching what I do for a living back in 2019 with the goal of helping 100,000 people make a living online. Till now, 180,000 people have subscribed to my Youtube channel and have watched my videos on freelance content writing and blogging.

In my free time, I like to catch up on cricket matches and can often be found watching highlights of recent cricket matches on Youtube.

Content Writing Catalyst is a recorded course in video format that will be available on my website. There are multiple trainings that will help you solve the following problems:

Find More and Better Clients

    • Optimize your freelancing profiles
    • Know how to contact and convince better clients
    • Communicate and work with international clients
    • Build long-lasting working relationships
    • Understand which platform works best for you (Upwork, Fiverr, Online Job Boards etc)

Personalized Tips to Write Stellar Proposals that Bring Jobs

  • Guideline to help you find your unique selling proposition
  • Tips to help you understand and categorize your services
  •  Finally, help to write your own proposals that entice results
  • Templates of proposals that I wrote myself 

Getting Your Portfolio Website Up and Running

  • Create, optimize and promote your very own portfolio website with minimum investment
  • Get templates and examples on exactly how to set up a successful portfolio website including what text and elements to add
  • Insights on how to use that website for getting high-ticket clients
  • Instructions to grow your business with your website

Pricing and growing Income

  • Packaging and price your services
  • Feeling confident with your rates
  • GETTING that money from clients
  • How to stay booked without compromising prices

Not only that... But FREE access to the Upwork Blueprint Course and to everything I launch in future.

CWC is Perfect for You if:

You are unable to promote your services as a Content Writer.

You cannot figure out if you should keep trying your luck in Facebook groups or move to Upwork and Fiverr. Should you get a website? You have tried but you don’t know which platform works better and how to even get work there.

(Imagine if you could talk to someone who knows it all about managing your freelancing profile, making a website, optimizing your Upwork profile, Fiverr Gigs etc. and just implementing the knowledge to see tangible results?)

You are struggling with pricing your services and convincing people to pay you what your services are worth.

You want to filter out low-paying manipulative clients and upscale to dollar-paying clients but you don’t know how to get out of this bottomless pit.

(Imagine if you could have a framework that helps you package and price your services and feel confident in what you charge.)

You don’t know how to grow your income as a freelancer.

One week, you are swamped with work but next week? Nothing. You don’t know how to get consistent work and grow as a freelancer. You want to get out of that $5 zone and earn your $1000 ASAP.

(Imagine if you could have a blueprint to maintain consistent client acquisition without worrying about it every month. Imagine if you could say “I am booked, leave your message, I’ll reply whenever I can” and never be desperate for work like before.)

Are you ready to go From a struggling writer to a fully booked freelancer?

Enroll in CWC NOW to have everything related to client acquisition, retention and success at every freelancing platform at the same place with tested templates and guidelines.

Have the right resources, save your time and get ready to make your first $1000.