From starting as a freelancer to launching your agency…

Kickstart Your Freelancing Career 10x Faster with CWC 2.0

For the first time, you can get Complete Freelance Writing Training and launch a scalable freelance writing business 10x faster with the updated version of CWC.


At CWC 2.0, you’ll be able to learn from successful CWC students alongside Khalil and get your hands on EVERYTHING you need to go from a struggling aspiring freelancer to a fully-fledged freelance business owner.


Wait! Did you know that CWC 2.0 is featuring Guest Lectures from Freelancers who are at top of their game?

You Write Well - But Writing that Pays Well? You can’t figure it out.

But let me tell you one thing…it’s not your fault.


I want to remind you that many of the useful resources online are gatekept and hidden, and with the hundreds of options available, it gets very confusing for beginner freelancers.


You go online and find 20+ types of writing that supposedly pay well. Which one do you start with? You aren’t able to decide that on your own.


The only thing YOU know right now is that you write well. You’ve done assignments and might have written some fiction, poetry, or blogs. People tell you that your writing is great…. but you don’t seem to find the “freelancing projects” or “gigs” that people brag about.



At this point, everything feels like a scam. People you contact on Facebook or jobs you apply for on LinkedIn!


I know how that feels…


Many freelancers start content writing because that’s what they discover first. On the go, they discover stuff like copywriting and fall in love with it. Now, they have to start from scratch because Copywriting is entirely different.


They now start writing copy for sales pages and later discover email copywriting and figure that they like writing emails more than the sales pages.


It happens all the time.


For most of the freelancers, it takes years to property niche down and be KNOWN for the ONE thing they are good at. And it usually gets better only when you niche down.


CWC 2.0 saves you from wasting those years….

With CWC 2.0, you get to explore and understand ALL types of freelance writing that are lucrative and high in demand, make smart decisions, get started ASAP, and turn your freelancing endeavors into an established business (what we call an Agency).

And no, we are no longer only focusing on Fiver gigs and Upwork proposals that will just get you by. We’re getting into how to build a scalable freelance writing business.


✅ No more running after clients

✅ No more offering lower rates

✅ No more getting exploited by clients

From personal branding to marketing yourself and your services to building agencies in the future….CWC 2.0 is THE COMPLETE PACKAGE.


That’s what CWC 2.0 is offering you….in just 25000 PKR ($89) that you can make back within 3 months with the right work after taking the course

Price Increases after first 100 enrollments.

CWC 2.0 Course

An 8-Chapter Course that takes you from knowing little to nothing about launching a money-making freelance writing career to actually doing it successfully.


It takes you from living paycheck-to-paycheck to having a consistent income stream.


CWC 2.0 is the simplification of ever-so-complicated processes that help you start and excel in your freelancing journey.

Current price: 25,000 PKR (89 USD)


Explore and understand All Types of Content Writing, Set the Foundation for Personal Branding, Use AI to make money, and Kickstart your freelancing business with the future of a big AGENCY

If you’re someone who’d rather avoid spending years figuring out how to become successful as a freelance writer and have access to everything in one place that will make you to do the work and get things moving, then this is THE course for you.


CWC Stories of people like YOU!

Meet Saad, a CWC student who started freelancing AFTER taking the course and made $1000 in the first 3 months!

Here’s Qandeel, a student who used the bonus Upwork Blueprint course to start making BIG money on Upwork!

Meet Ayesha Maskati!

And Hassan Rayyan, one of the students who started with CWC and is making Lacs from freelancing.

It's your time now!

Skip to the part where you're confident in your skills, market your services effectively, get clients who pay you well without micromanaging you and you're getting ready to start your own agency.

Price Increases After First 100 Enrollments.


👉 Hone your writing skills

👉 Learn how to get things ready to start your journey (samples, portfolio, social profiles etc.)

👉 Explore and understand the most lucrative freelance writing types and options so you can make the right decision

👉 Master how to effectively utilize AI in content writing, streamlining your workflow, enhancing creativity, and offering AI content services to expand your business.

👉 Learn how to market yourself to get clients actively and passively

👉 Learn how to effectively write proposals and pitches

👉 Learn how to passively get clients for a long time

And the most important…

👉 Master how to start and launch a successful agency

👉 Get a special discount on all of my upcoming courses/classes/launc

Price Increases After First 100 Enrollments!

CWC 2.0 is ONE solution I wish I had when I started.

It is an implementation-based methodology perfect for action-takers who are ready to take the first step toward building an empire!

Let’s make it possible together.


I’m Khalil, a freelance writer and affiliate marketer who’s on a mission to help 100,000 people make a living online. 

I started teaching what I do for a living back in 2019 with the goal of helping 100,000 people make a living online. Till now, 180,000 people have subscribed to my Youtube channel and have watched my videos on freelance content writing and blogging.

In my free time, I like to catch up on cricket matches and can often be found watching highlights of recent cricket matches on Youtube.

Take a Sneak Peek Inside the Course

Inside the CWC 2.0 Course, the whole process of starting your freelancing career is categorized into 8 Chapters.

All classes and training are pre-recorded available inside the platform so you can learn, implement and grow at your own pace.

1- Mindset Rules You Need to Swear By

We’ll start with what sets the foundation of a good business: Mindset.

You need some changes in your thoughts, habits, routines, and attitude and outlook toward life to be successful in this line of work. This is not a 9-5 where you have a boss who tells you what to do and you just do it and log off. Accountability, resilience, consistency, and more. We’ll discuss it all.

This is the most important chapter. Come here with an open mind.

2- Acquiring the Skill

You know how to write but there are certain intricacies that you need to consider while writing for online platforms. In this chapter, we’ll get into the nitty gritty of honing your writing skills with detailed descriptions and examples.

The training will cover:

  • Basics of good writing
  • Effective writing process
  • Well-structured writing
  • Write concisely, correctly, and clearly
  • More…

Expected time duration for this module: 1 hour.

3- Types of Freelance Writing

It gets real here. You’ll discover all major types of freelance writing with some guest lectures from successful CWC students who specialize in offering these services. All these guest lecturers make over 2 lac per month from these services.

  • Blog Writing
  • Website Content/Copywriting
  • Video Ad Scripts
  • YouTube Scripts
  • Email Copywriting
  • AI writing services
  • Different Forms of Writing

Expected time duration for this module: 3 hours.

4- Getting Ready to Market Yourself

Have explored your options? It’s time to choose and play.

  • Choosing your niche
  • Creating samples
  • Creating your portfolio
  • Everything you need to launch your business to the public

Expected time duration for this module: 1 hour.

5- Writing Proposals & Pitches

This is something we can never run from. We have to get in front of our clients.

We will cover: 

  • How to assess the opportunity/job post
  • How to identify your client’s pain points
  • How to write hooks that get your clients to write back
  • How to create your own template (we don’t copy-paste in 2024)
  • Actionable tips to hear back from clients
  • What to do when you don’t hear back

Expected time duration for this module: 1.5 hours.

6- Where to Find Clients

  • Fiverr (cannot ignore it)
  • Upwork
  • Job Boards
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn (Guest Lecture from Expert)
  • Instagram (Guest Lecture from Expert)

Expected time duration for this module: 2 hours.

7- Branding - Get Clients Passively

And here, we’ll talk about how to get clients coming to your doorstep.
Remember, I don’t pitch to clients anymore. They come to me and we’ll discuss in this chapter how I do this.

  • Social Media
  • Guest Posting
  • Interviews

Expected time duration for this module: 1 hour

8- Creating an Agency & Scaling Your Business

This is the secret recipe I have NEVER shared with anyone before but here we are.

  • Understanding the fundamentals
  • SOP creation
  • Hiring the team
  • Feedback
  • Entrusting team with client work
  • And what to do next to make your agency successful

I cannot give away all the info here in the bullet points 😀

Looks pretty amazing, right?

I’m really proud of what I have created. But there is a catch!

The current pricing is only for the first 100 students.

So, the faster you act, the faster you access my sacred sanctuary of freelancing secrets.

However, CWC 2.0 might not be for YOU if…

❌ You’re already an established freelancer who earns 100k+

❌ You want to learn the technical SEO.

❌ You would like to wait for a few months to get serious about this

❌ Buying CWC 2.0 can put you in debt you won’t be able to pay

Are You Ready?

✅ To turn your freelancing dreams into a successful, tangible reality?

✅ To take your first step towards building your little empire?

✅ To establish a profitable business that supports your years to come?