Freelance Writing on Facebook: Here’s How to Get Started

Boy oh, boy! Freelance writing on Facebook is one of my favorite topics to write and talk about. That’s because Facebook is exactly where I started earning my first few bucks as a freelance writer.

That’s right! Facebook isn’t just a place to share memes and spy on your ex. In fact, it contains a whole world of freelancers that are constantly interacting with others in their industry and also finding freelance writing jobs on Facebook.

But really… How does it work?

(If you’re already a part of such Facebook groups and want to know how to use them better, then skip to “Getting Started: What to do Once You’re In?”)

Right so now to the all-important question:

How do you find clients on Facebook?

Well, there are dozens of Facebook groups for freelance writers out there. These Freelance writing Facebook groups primarily serve 2 functions:

  • They are used as job boards where clients post jobs daily. In many of these groups, there are up to 50 or more jobs being posted every day.
  • These Facebook groups provide a fantastic way to socialize with other freelance writers

Both of these functions are extremely useful and important.

You might believe, though, that you don’t need to socialize with others in freelancing. After all, you’re an independent service provider.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Especially if you’re just starting out, you’ll find lots of guidance through these Facebook groups because experienced freelance writers over there are often willing to help newbies.

Also, it’s great to see others that are going through the same stuff that you are. Honestly, that sense of belongingness is extremely helpful.

Facebook Groups for Freelance Writers: How to Find Them?

Okay so let’s walk you through some simple steps as to how you can find these Facebook groups for freelance writers.

  • Log into your Facebook account.
  • Use the search bar at the top and search for “freelancers”, “freelance writers”, “content writers”
  • Make sure you select the “Groups” tab to ensure that all search results contain Facebook groups
  • If you want to be geo-specific, then you can also add the name of the country that you are from. This will allow you to find local freelance writers in your industry which is always a major plus.

Pro tip: Join all of the groups that you can find. It’s okay to leave some of them later on if they’re not useful for you. But initially, you want to have a huge pool of freelance writing jobs available to you daily.

Getting Started: What to do Once You’re In?

Alright, so once you’ve been accepted into these groups, you’ll have a pool of jobs to apply to every day.

Mostly, clients would mention all of the requirements in their job post. A lot of these groups have rules for clients to state the type of job and rates they are offering. So, you’ll have a pretty clear picture of what the client needs.

Now, where do you go from here? How do you apply to these jobs?

Write a cover letter

Well, the proper way to do it is to write a nice cover letter for your client. What’s a cover letter, you ask? Well, it’s a job application in which you explain to the client why you are the best person for the job.

Writing cover letters for clients is a complete art in itself that probably requires a whole blog post. However, I go into complete detail on this topic in my free eBook (along with my secrets for making your first $1000 as a freelance writer).

I’ll give you an overview of what to include in your cover letter, though.

Go into detail about your past experience and try to sell your services. Also, if you’ve taken any courses, worked with a company, have published work you’re proud of, this is where it goes.

But what to do if you’re a beginner and have nothing to show?

Well, how about you turn your biggest weakness into your greatest power? Mention to the client that since you’re a newbie, you’re willing to initially work at a lower rate so you can learn. This way, you’ll save the client money (thereby giving him a reason to choose you over experienced professionals) and would land yourself a freelance writing job. Once you get the ball rolling, things will eventually get better.

Pro tip: Consider your cover letter as a short sales message where you’re trying to close a deal with the client. Why should he hire you over others? Think of it from his perspective.

Send Samples

No matter where you’re applying for a freelance writing job, you’ll always need to send sample content that you’ve written in the past.

Why? Because these samples help clients gauge your writing abilities. No one is going to hire you on blind faith.

Sending your samples would allow the client to judge exactly what sort of output he would be getting. Also, without samples, you have close to no chances of getting hired.

Another important point to consider here is that your samples should ideally be PUBLISHED online with your name. Sending an MS Word document or PDF document makes you look like an amateur which would certainly affect your rates.

In order to be paid like a professional, you need to present yourself like one.

A nice way to do that is to send the link to some of your published articles as samples.

How Much Money Can You Make Through Freelance Writing on Facebook

This is a question that I get asked a lot. And the answer is:

It depends.

It depends on where you live, how good you are, and what sort of writing you do.

However, one thing’s for sure that Facebook groups aren’t the highest paying platform for freelance writers. At best, they are a nice place to start and get your feet wet in the freelance writing world.

Otherwise, throughout your time on Facebook, you should be building towards transitioning onto a more professional platform like Upwork, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour.

These are the places where you’ll make big money. Don’t make the mistake of holding onto Facebook groups for too long. Get experience through them and then upgrade yourself.


Facebook groups for Freelance writers are great places to kickstart your career. They also provide you with a platform where you can connect with others in your industry and grow together. Just make sure that you don’t get stuck at Freelance writing on Facebook. Start from there and then move on to better and professional platforms.

28 thoughts on “Freelance Writing on Facebook: Here’s How to Get Started”

    1. Depends on where the client lives. If he’s from your country, then obviously local bank transfer. If he’s from abroad, then you can use services like Payoneer (available in Pakistan) or Paypal (not available in Pakistan). Both work the same. I’ve been using for over a year now without any problems whatsoever.

  1. One of my clients has sent me a task at 1:00 am asking me to do this task just in 15 minutes once I have seen the message. Is this thing common?

    1. Not really. It’s common to have some tight deadlines in the beginning like 1 or 2 days for an article (which you can slowly ease a bit once you have some rapport with clients) but a 15-minute task is just ridiculous!
      Maybe it was a 15-minute test that he wanted to take before hiring you…I can’t be sure without knowing the specifics.

  2. Khurram Shahzad Raza

    Asslam O Alikum,
    Bro. Please share your social media link or what’sapp to discuss business opportunity with you. JazakAllah

  3. Hi! First of all a big THANK YOU for this website, the e-book, the youtube channel etc. for giving aspiring freelancers like us (especially those from this part of the world) a roadmap. I was wondering if you could perhaps clarify a few questions I seem to be having trouble with:

    1) As a newbie with no published material, would you recommend first setting up a proper portfolio on 1 of the websites you mentioned or directly jump into the jobs being offered on the local Facebook(FB) groups?

    2) The cover letter when applying for a FB group job – if I’m not wrong that would be the msg to the person’s (posting the job) Inbox instead of the standard responses like ‘Interested’ in the comments section?

    3) As someone who’s a chartered accountant by education & an internal auditor by experience but who’s not been working for a long time now, a football fan & a student of the stock market & someone who tries to manage his mental health issues – would you recommend separate portfolios for each area or can I lump them together on 1 portfolio? If you could suggest 2 of the above areas/subjects that I should focus on going forward, which ones would they be?

    Once again, a ton of thanks for the guidance.

    1. Hey Omer,
      Thanks a lot for your kind words. Here are your answers.
      1) I don’t recommend starting from Upwork, Fiverr or Peopleperhour. The reason is that these are professional platforms that have higher standards. Beginners will inevitably make mistakes and those mistakes would be highlighted by clients in their review. Getting a job on these websites is hard as a beginner. But even if you manage to land one, bad reviews in the start will ruin your profile.
      So, start from FB groups and learn there.
      2) Exactly!
      3) You can have one joint portfolio for all in the beginning. As you mature, you’ll understand which of your niches are in greater demand and pay better. Then you can reposition your portfolio as a specialist in a particular niche.
      My advice for you would be to focus on finance-related topics. This is an amazing niche because only people with a finance background like you can write on these sensitive and technical topics. By default, more technical the topics, lesser the competition and greater the rates!
      But you never know, mental health or sports might just click for you so I won’t count them out since they are fun topics to write on.
      Hope this helps 🙂

  4. First of all, i salute you!
    Second, I have some questions regarding your steps. I am still on the client finding process, having issue finding the correct group because in most groups there are no perfect job posts. Some post are without email address and sufficient information about the type of work they require.
    if there is a post which just says “Content Writers Needed, Inbox me” where am i supposed to send the cover letter ?
    Also how do i find job post with sufficient information ?

    1. Hey Akram, congrats on starting your journey. If the client doesn’t mention his email address, then you can message him your cover letter on Facebook. As for finding job postings with complete info, there are a few groups that require clients to thoroughly explain their requirements, but you’ll have to hunt them down.

  5. Hi khalil, i wanna ask if someone is demanding a fee that they will teach how to work in first 7-8 days is this normal? Should we go for it or not?

    1. Don’t go for it. That’s a scam. No legit person would ask for money to train you for any position. I have a video on scams coming out tonight and I’ve discussed this in there as well.

  6. hi,
    A newbie here. i am trying to grasp the basics of freelance industry and your eBook,posts and videos have been quite helpful.
    However,i am more interested in freelance proofreading.Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Fatima,
      Proofreading and editing is a great service and I did it for a few months in between.
      However, all proofreaders are writers too and when getting a job for proofreading, you’ll probably need to show some samples of your writing too.
      So, start from content writing and then slowly transition into proofreading once you have enough samples

  7. Great thanks to you I finally wrote my first article by following your guidelines. But I am still confuse about client’s unprofessional attitude.

    1. Hey Aysha, it’s great that you took a start. In the beginning, you’ll find a lot of unprofessional clients because those are the low-paying ones. That’s okay. Just will your way through this phase and keep increasing your rates every 2 months.
      Ps make sure you’re getting payments on time and aren’t bulking them up. If a client seems unprofessional, then you should try receiving payments as early as possible before starting the next article.

  8. Hi Khalil. i want to ask something about you that what type of freelancer are you?
    And also i want to know the freelancer types so i can select one of them and give it a go. Please give your recommendations.

    1. No, not at all. That’s the beauty of it. You’re providing a writing service so there’s no investment involved.

  9. Hi khalil,
    Im a DPT student AND i just want to say a big THANK YOU honestly i don’t have words to describe how happy I AM, months ago i stumbled on one of kindest your youtube video about upwork, i watched it just to kill time but you had some realllyyyy good information which compelled me to make an account on upwork. I was always keen about writing notes and articles for my university projects, i also started a blog … well long story short. This ramadan i got my first project on upwork, the client paid me 100$ and she was super happy with my work and wants to continue more projects with me. I AM SUPER HAPPY, THIS IS MY FIRST SALARY. I can’t describe in words how happy i am. 2 more clients have signed me up for articles. THANK YOU for inspiring me!

    1. Hi Humda,

      That’s so AMAZING! I’m so happy for you. Making $100 in your first month is such a big achievement! I hope you excel further in the industry and make a full career out of this 🙂

  10. As you said, “you aren’t going to get any client without any sample and won’t get any sample without client”.
    So if I will start from any Facebook freelance group and they will ask me for my sample writing post with my name in it.
    Where can I get to publish my first post with my name in it, can I post it on quora or medium?
    Please can you suggest a platform so that I can start writing.

    1. Hey, Priya! Good question. You can publish your first samples on websites like , LinkedIn and
      Quora or reddit won’t really count as such

  11. Hi,
    I am also planning this and after listening all your stuff I have already achieved and gained much knowledge about freelancing. Wish me luck, May ALLAH bless you

  12. Hi Khalil…
    I am a Freelancer writer and watched your YouTube vedios and also read your ebook both were absolutely helpful and inspired me a lot…..
    I am exploring and learning it day by day.Thanks for your Amamzing Guideline
    Soon I would make wonders in this field …Thanks

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