Being a newbie freelance writer myself, I didn't know where to start. But Khalil has guided me throughout my journey. His detailed videos (on his YouTube channel) and e-book consist of all the details a fresher in this field would need to excel in his career. He is not only knowledgeable but also extremely kind when it comes to helping. I would suggest every person who wants to step in this field or is struggling to make a mark, to go through his work because he has put out a great initiative to guide us through his experience.
Hira Faiz
When I entered the freelance writing field in August 2018, I had zero knowledge about it. All I knew was that I have to learn, get motivation, and follow the seniors. But sadly, there weren’t many people to look up to (in my vicinity) as I was a mere newbie learning how things work here. So, I was struggling in the beginning. One day I stumbled upon Khalil’s helping post in a Facebook group and found it easy-to-understand, helpful, and above all, motivating. He never talks about unachievable goals (unlike some gurus) and thoroughly explains the crucial points. After his series of helping posts on Facebook, he started giving lessons through his YouTube channel which are brilliant and grasping. Even those who are new to freelance writing can master this art if they keep following Khalil’s tips and recommendations. I for one, would anticipate his blog posts and note his bits of advice for future use.
Sana Ijaz
I don’t do testimonials; I don’t praise people until they deserve it. Khalil totally deserves every word that I am going to write next. I have been writing for years, professionally for a year now. Throughout this time, Khalil has been a huge inspiration, I have seen him help people out on countless occasions, I have seen people benefiting from his knowledge and it’s a great thing when it comes to freelancing. Everyone is looking for guidance, and Khalil is always there to help. His content has always helped me understand things a bit better. I follow this guy to motivation and inspiration. If you are looking for a career in freelancing; this is the guy to follow.
Alvina Yasir
I have been observing Khalil's posts on a Facebook group for some time now. A recurring theme of his posts was the passion with which he endorsed freelancing as a medium to earn decent amount of money, grow as a person, and thrive in this competitive era. His willingness to help his peers and strangers alike, and the ability to give sound advice that provides direction to the readers is a wonderful quality. It also encouraged me to move past my "writer’s block".
Syed Maroof Ali