Blogging Made Simple!

Get your hands on my personal, no BS, simple and repeatable blogging system that works every time.

Learn everything you’ve ever wished to know about launching money-making blogs without being a tech-savvy coder or SEO expert.


Sit Back and Let Your Blog Rank Naturally...

That’s our aim in this course.

If you’re someone who’d rather avoid doing technical SEO and just write high quality content and sit back while it naturally ranks and generates income, then this is THE course for you.


Does it Sound Like You?

You have heard and SEEN people making sh*t ton of money with blogging and you want to do the same because…why not?

You want to have a consistent income stream as well that pays your bills while you focus on more important things in your life (i.e. job, studies, family).

But when you try to work on your dream blog, you can’t even figure out where to start because of contradictory and super technical information available on the internet that would take at least a year to fully understand.

You WANT resources that explain things to you in your language and show you how things are done without gatekeeping ANY detail so you can simplify your own blogging process, start implementing what you learn immediately and see the real $$$$ RESULTS.

OR you have launched a blog before. 

You did thorough Keyword Research, wrote extraordinary articles, even used good graphics, and did everything SEO gurus on the internet told you to…but CRICKETS!

Nothing happened. Not after weeks, or months or even a year (when the blog was long forgotten).

You haven’t given up on your blogging passion yet but you are in search of something…simple.

Something that gives you a tested blueprint for launching a good income-generating blog.

Something that takes you from A to Z without omitting anything.

One SOLUTION instead of hopping across multiple incomplete courses and masterminds that don’t serve any purpose.

OR you want to invest in something that requires minimum technical knowledge with a good ROI (Return on Investment) because you ain’t got time to build links and do technical off-page SEO woodoo sh*t.

You KNOW that running, optimizing, and flipping blogs can be good business for you, but you don’t know how to do it in a passive and simple manner.

You want something that saves your time and effort and makes your investment worth it.

Something that teaches you how to research niches, select keywords, plan content, write content, optimize content, monetize it, and make money, helping you understand the technicalities of the ever-updating Google Algorithm.

If you are any of these…


Let me tell you this…

Blogs are definitely a big investment that can become the most profitable asset you have in the coming years.


Just “winging it” and doing your own trial and error can cost you an arm and a leg (as well as lots of wasted months or years.)

If anything goes wrong, there is NO way to retrieve your funds.

The only way to make sure you succeed without having to risk your hard-earned money is to follow a tested methodology with the lowest possibility of risk.

Blogging Catalyst Course is that methodology for you.

Blogging Catalyst Course

A 7-Module Course that takes you from knowing nothing about planning and launching a money-making blog to actually doing it successfully.

It takes you from living paycheck-to-paycheck to having a hands-off, months-in, and months-out consistent income stream.

Blogging Catalyst Course is the simplification of ever-so-complicated processes that make a blog successful and a complete guide to think, plan, execute, and cash your blog on the first attempt.

Here's what Clients say About my Expertise in SEO and Blogging

Khalil has an excellent working knowledge of SEO. In our partnership, he conducted in-depth keyword research and planned content around a successful SEO campaign.
Ian Cunningham
Marketing Agency Owner
Khalil is highly knowledgeable about Google SEO best practices, including the importance of keyword density, content quality, and interlinking.
Sarah Bach
SEO Project Manager
Worked for a long time with Khalil, and his work ethic and SEO skills are remarkable. He even takes the time to perform SEO experiments to further his knowledge.
Lazhar Ichir
Blog Owner


👉 Learn to launch your new blog from scratch or elevate your existing one

👉 Set a strong foundation for your blog with good niche selection, keyword research and a solid content plan

👉 Learn to write content that ranks on autopilot

👉 Learn how to convert your good content ideas into CASH $

👉 Get lifetime access to course resources at the lowest price it will ever be at.

👉 Understand the nuances of what makes a blog successful so you don’t have to run after so-called techy dark magic tips and tricks.

👉 Learn to work on timeless elements of blogging rather than updating your strategy with every Google update.

And the most important…

👉 Enhance the chances of your success by getting your Niche and Keyword Research vetted by me for your first website (only for students who join in this cohort).

👉 Get access to Private Facebook Community where you can interact with fellow students and ask me any question you want whenever.

👉 Get a special discount on all of my upcoming courses/classes/launches (for the first cohort only).


Blogging Catalyst Course is not just a Course...

It’s an implementation-based methodology perfect for action-takers who are ready to take the first step towards building an empire!

Built on the four pillars of:

Planning >


Strategy >


Implementation >




It is ONE solution I wish I had when I started blogging.

Yes, people have told me that I started and succeeded way earlier, but trust me, as a blogger, my history with Google was no different than yours.

This course is your blueprint for your first successful investment in blogging.

Let’s make it possible together.


Take the guesswork out of launching and growing your blogging business out of the equation

And learn the strategies that WORK from scratch to launch your first successful blog.

When you join the Blogging Catalyst Course, you’ll get a guided fast-track through the confusing, incomplete and piles of information on the internet so you can too…

Launch, monetize and grow a blog with a good future.



I’m Khalil, a freelance writer and affiliate marketer who’s on a mission to help 100,000 people make a living online. 

I started teaching what I do for a living back in 2019 with the goal of helping 100,000 people make a living online. Till now, 180,000 people have subscribed to my Youtube channel and have watched my videos on freelance content writing and blogging.

In my free time, I like to catch up on cricket matches and can often be found watching highlights of recent cricket matches on Youtube.

Get your hands on a collection of easily digestible and actionable resources to launch your first successful money-making blog.


That makes it rain $$ on autopilot


Proves to be a profitable digital asset


Gives you the freedom you desire

Take a Sneak Peek Inside the Course

Inside the Blogging Catalyst Course, the whole process of planning and launching a money-making blog is categorized into 7 Modules.

All classes and training are pre-recorded available inside the platform so you can learn, implement and grow at your own pace.

1- Niche selection


We’ll start with what niche or topic you should write about and will offer a detailed analytical approach for choosing the right blogging niche.

We will also offer free spreadsheets for detailed niche analysis so you can come up with over 10 niche ideas and only choose the best one.

The training will go deep into the concepts of:

  • Ideation
  • Competition analysis
  • Monetization analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Personal interest
  • Finalizing a niche

Expected time duration for this module: 1.5 hour.


2- Creating a content plan


After you’re done with finalizing your niche, we’ll walk into planning what you’re going to write so you can get traffic and generate income.

If you mess this up, it really doesn’t matter how good your niche is or how well your content is written.

The training will cover:

  • What is a content plan and how to design one like a pro
  • My top 5 keyword research methods that I use for my own sites
  • Opting for the right mix of info and affiliate articles with analytical data on what works right now
  • Free spreadsheets to use for your keyword research process

Expected time duration for this module: 1 hour.


3- Domain selection


Domains play an important role in ranking and blog visibility.

We’ll learn what kind of domains you should choose and how to make sure everything is compliant with the laws and rules.

  • What makes a good domain
  • How specific should your domain be
  • Spreadsheets for generating domain ideas
  • How to check for the legal compliance of your domain name
  • Tutorials on purchasing the domain and hosting for your site

Expected time duration for this module: 45 minutes.


4- Setting up your website


Worried that you’ve never set up a site before?

Inside this Module, I’ll walk you through everything from setting up your site on WordPress to installing all the plugins you need.

Nothing crazy. Just simple steps that nobody tells you about. By the end, you’d have set up a professional website even if you have zero technical knowledge.

Expected time duration for this module: 30 minutes.


5- Creating the content


Will I be teaching how to write the content (or train people to do that for you?) Of course!

In this module, I’ll give you the exact training that I offer to new hires in my content writing agency where we write for some of the top websites in the world!

We will cover: 

  • Creating an Ideal Read Avatar
  • Titles
  • Intros
  • Answer paragraphs
  • Headings
  • FAQs
  • Images
  • Who should create the content? You or a writer?
  • Can you use Al tools for writing?

Expected time duration for this module: 1.5 hours.


6- Publishing content


Inside this module, I’ll offer you a complete publishing plan for the first 12 months of your blog. It will give you a timeline of exactly how much content you need to publish to get the best results.

  • Publishing frequency
  • Month 1
  • Month 2
  • Month 3
  • Month 4-1

Expected time duration for this module: 30 minutes.


7- Monetization


And here, we’ll talk about making money.

No link building, and no crazy techniques.

I’ll tell you what’s simple and what works the best.

  • When and how to sign up for the affiliate
  • When and how to sign up for ads
  • What does average monetization like
  • How to improve monetization
  • Pro monetization strategies
  • Reinvesting?

Expected time duration for this module: 1 hour.

Looks pretty amazing, right?

I’m really proud of what I have created. But there is a catch!

It is open to 100 students only.

So, the faster you act, the faster you access my sacred sanctuary of never-discovered-before blogging secrets.

However, Blogging Catalyst Course might not be for YOU if…

❌ You already have an established blogging business

❌ You want to learn Backlinks and Technical SEO

❌ You are not an action taker

❌ Buying BCC can put you in debt you won’t be able to pay back


Have some questions? You may find your answers here!

All training videos are pre-recorded. However, I’ll be analyzing your niche and keyword research personally and make sure that the base of your blog is strong.

You will have lifetime access.

OF COURSE! You can view international payment methods here.

Yes, blogs do require investment for purchasing a domain, hosting and content (all of which are explained in the course.) If you write the content yourself, your only major cost will be around 5000-10,000 PKR for domain and hosting.

Are You Ready?

✅ To turn your dream blog into a successful, tangible reality?

✅ To take your first step towards building your little empire?

✅ To establish a profitable business that supports your years to come?